4" DRIVE Channel

  • 4" internal width - reinforced trench drain system
  • Extreme heavy duty load class for all traffic ratings
  • Galvanized steel reinforced system with bolt down gratings
  • Heavy Duty Ductile Cast Iron Grating 
  • 4" PVC or corrugated pipe outlet option out of the bottom
  • 3" PVC or corrugated pipe outlets out of the end caps
  • More product details below
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Standartparks 4 inch internal drive channel is 39 inches in length and will withstand heavy load ratings for your project. Furnished with bolted in ductile cast iron grate, side steel reinforcements and tongue and groove connections for easy installation. 


Article Numbers

PCM080434 - 8" Channel Depth

PCM080034 - 6" Channel Depth

PCM080234 - 4" Channel Depth

PCM080534 - 3" Channel Depth

Material ........ PPE - Steel - Ductile Cast Iron

Dimensions .. 39.4"L x 6.3"W 

Weight .......... 30 LBS

Load Class ... D400 - 88,000 LBS


- Side Steel Reinforcements

- Bolted Down Ductile Cast Iron Grating

- Cascade Option Available for slope installation

- Side and Bottom PVC Knockouts

- Right 90 Degree Turns on both ends of the channel


  3" Depth Spec  

  4" Depth Spec  

  8" Depth Spec  

Trench Drain Installation

1. Prep your area -  prep your channel width and depth accordingly to the trench drain you purchased from us. You need a good amount of room (3-5 inches) to set your channel and pour or fill around it to have a nice level sound area with your finished project.


2. If pouring concrete, make sure the base (2-4 inches) is leveled out according to your site plan. Wait for the concrete to completely set before moving on.


3. Set your channels on the concrete pad, attach together and connect your pipe outlets according to your design. Pipe connections are designed for PVC and Drainage tile - if you wish to utilized a corrugated pipe, please use a rubber coupling with clamps. That makes for a snug fit. Seal all channels with clear silicone and make sure they are water tight and dry before your final concrete pour.


4. Standartpark recommends leaving your gratings in the channel when you are doing your final pour - this will alleviate any instances of your channels bending while the concrete sets. This is important so your gratings fit nice and snug after the concrete settles.


5. Pour and wait - Thats all!

NOTE - This package can also be used with our channel installation brackets for rebar installation (hanging installation). 

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