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Land Accessories

Standartparks Land Accessories are for all of our geo grid, permeable pavers, and garden products. Anything and everything to help instal your systems to perfection. 

  • FAQ's

Q. - What do I need for pavers? 

A. So we always recommend our agro textile or our multi purpose mesh to go under our paver systems. Also anchors if you are installing on a slope or hill side. 

Q. - What is the agro textile for? 

A. Agro textile is used as a weed barrier under the paver systems. Do not get this confused with our Ground Mesh as that is used for stability function. Or yes, you can use both for structure as well as a weed barrier! 

Q. Do I need Anchors? 

A. For the Geo Ground Grid, we recommend 30 J Hooks per grid, for our pavers, the anchors are only needed if your installation slope is 10% or higher. 

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