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Standartparks Entrance Mat System is a one of a kind design that allows an installation into your entry way with a bottom basin that will drain out your excess water, mud, and debris in your entrance area. There is a growing trend of a porch and entry way problems. Our system will completely remove that issue. With included bottom basin, our entrance mat systems have a unique design with a rubber or textile top, which easily rests into the basin. You simply attach your outlet pipe to the basin, and can be cleaned and removed at anytime.

  • FAQ's

Q. What comes with the packages?

The package includes the top portion (either rubber or textile finish) and the bottom inlet basin.

Q. How do you connect a pipe to the bottom basin.

There is a cut out on the bottom of the system, where you can custom cut and insert a 4 inch pipe and seal off.

Q. Can you install this in concrete or gravel installations?

A. Yes absolutely, they are designed to work in bot types of installations.

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