About Standartpark.


Standartpark is the manufacturer and distributor of its own products. We do this to cut out the middle man, and make sure you, the customer, gets the absolute best pricing and quality. We strive to make sure you have our 100% guaranteed satisfaction. We will provide you, what others lack, which is personal customer service per your project. Thank you for coming to our company, we hope you will always use us for your projects. 


The history of Standartpark. 

Standartparks history dates back to 2000, when we were traveling all across the US and abroad, we kept on asking ourselves the same question over and over. How can we make a product which has been around for years, superior, more cost efficient, and more pleasing to the eye. In a world where water, Mudd, slush, snow, have become an unfortunate staple of our landscapes, we needed to make this a minimum to the eye. 

So we stepped aside and took our time.... rejected todays systems which are used everywhere and are not making a difference. Where other companies focus on what will cost the company more, we are focusing on effectiveness and aesthetic differences to make your project easier to install, better looking, and more affordable. "Too long" we said, when it comes to the competition that don't evolve. When weather is changing over time, so do we. So we at Standartpark, made a plan, to continue surprising our contractors and home owners with better products, unparalleled pricing, and customer service that will exceed all expectations. And so began our journey......

1999 - Standartpark was founded.


2001 - Started original production of wastewater discharge, registration of the trademark "STANDARTPARK". 


2002 - Developed, master engineered the production and technology of channels - derived of PPE , HDPE, Concrete, Polymer Concrete and Fiberglass - for use at low and high temperatures, and high UV sunlight rays. First domestic manufacturers of alloys and used to produce high-quality cast iron gratings for said channels. 


2003 - Opened official plant dedicated for Polymer Concrete Channels. 


2004 - Commercial Production of lawn and driveway geo / ground grids.


2005 - Development production of enhanced series of channels for load classes up to 90 TONS, used in connection with airports, terminals, and high weighted construction load areas.


2007 - Opening of new plant for fiber reinforced concrete channels - 2 lines of vibro pressing with automatic line for concrete mix, using equipment of TESLAN and HESS. 


2008 - Beginning of Mass production of internal drainage stainless steel channels and gratings under the expansion INOXPARK. 


2009 - Launched production of new line of plastic channels series DN300 and reinforced concrete channel series DN500.


2010 - Standartpark participates in the largest construction forum US International Show - "World of Concrete" - held in Las Vegas NV - And continuing every year since. 


2015 - Standartpark employees exceeds over 500+. Open offices currently are in Ukraine, Romania, Poland, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and United States. 



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