EasyPave Grid - Grass / Gravel Paving System

#1 Rated Permeable Paving System on the Market!

  • 2" Paver for all grass / gravel installations
  • Used for driveways, parking pads, shed base, and paver base
  • 80,000 lb load class, ADA and UV compliant
  • Anchors available for slope or incline installation
  • Snap and lock connection on all four sides of the grid
  • Can be cut to custom curve or around objects
  • #1 Rated paving system on the market
  • Comes in black or green for custom installation at your home/work
  • All product details below
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Introducing Standartpark EasyPave Grid! 2 Inches in height, will withstand loads up to 88,000 lbs without even anything inside it, and even comes with the ability to utilize installation anchors (optional). So what is better about this than the competition? We have put a lot of thought into the engineering of this unit....



Taller than all others - Taller means more material can fill, which means more strength, which means no erosion of materials going everywhere. 

"S" turn grid design - We designed our EasyPave system with wave type designs that narrow at the edges. This allows for more strength, meaning ultra heavy loads such as plow trucks, semi trucks, and even tanks can go over this - and that is even when its not filled! 

Slide and Lock Installation  - Our push and lock installation leaves NO room for disconnection. Other pave grids come with a push down mechanism... allowing for easy disconnect when something is driving over it. Because our units connect horizontally, no amount of pressure from above or below will cause this to disconnect. 

Anchor System (optional) - Our EasyPave system comes with the ability to use installation anchors. No other Paving system comes with these. This will not only hold in place your grid, but makes the reliability far superior and literally becomes "one with the ground". 

Air and Permeability - Most Paving systems have a very tight ship when it comes to permeability. As you can see, grass and erosions issues will simply not happen with Standartpark's Easy Pave. Water penetrates directly through the bottom without hitting a stop. If you want to plant grass, no problem! It grows through our systems just fine!

Cost! - You can price out all the competition with our EasyPave Grid. But we guarantee you will not find the height, load class, design, installation ease at a lease expensive price! Also remember .... FREE SHIPPING!

We do recommend ordering 10-15% in overage in your project, as the dimensions of the grid and your installation might not be exact. And as always we do have free returns if you have some left over! 


- Patios

- Driveways (grass and gravel)

- Parking lots / Pads (grass and gravel)

- Shed / Pad Bases


Article ............... 8100-CH

Material ............ 100% Recycled Polyethylene

Coverage ......... Each unit covers 3.3 SQ feet

Dimensions ...... 26"L x 18" W x 2"H

  Specification Sheet  

EasyPave Installation

Connection - 

To connect our units, it is more simple than meets the eye. You will see the "wave" curves and the "O" pads on the EasyPave system. These allow for the push and lock connection.

1. Line up the units together end to end by length or width.

2. Lightly tuck the "O" pads under each "wave" curve on the opposing grid.

3. Push the grids together to lock.

4. Thats all folks! - Now lay your units out all connected in area of your installation as needed.

Anchoring Down (Optional)

After placement of the grid - Its time to anchor down.

One to Two anchors per grid is recommended (Optional). The anchor holes are already pre cut in the center of the EasyPave system.

What can be used with our grid?

- Grass / Sod

- Pea Gravel / Gravel

- Soil / Sand

- Even empty if you wish!

Questions & Answers

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  • looking for something to put under by Destination Model RV in our RV park, it seems people have used everything but nothing seems to work. how is the best way to use this product for that purpose?

    Our EasyPave grid will work 100% for this... first of all its 2 inches thick... no other paving system on the market is that tall. Secondly the anchor system provides structure while install as well - That in addition with our slide and lock system... its excellent for and RV pad. Any smaller gravel/sand/soil would work just fine as well. Let us know if you have any other questions... thank you very much. 

  • how many pieces are in 50 square feet packages?

    For our 50 sq ft packages - those have 15 units, thank you!

  • Can these be used under pea gravel in dog runs? They aren't sharp are they?

    They are not shart at all, and if they are filled with pea gravel there is not going to be an issue with dogs in the dog runs. Thank you for your question. 

  • Can this be used on a sloped driveway?

    Yes it can be, up do a 25 degree slope! Thank you for your question. 

  • can it be used with any kind of artificial grass on top of it?

    Yes, any type of artificial grass will work just great with our EasyPave Grid.

  • is there some kind of product that can be used with it to go around pipes, drain water/sewer access, or other openings in the ground?

    All you have to do is take a hole saw and just cut a hole where your pipe is going, or cut around that area! Nothing else will be needed. 

  • I am looking to use this to build a mildly sloped driveway/parking pad. What sort of surface prep needs to be done for installation?

    All that needs to be done is to level out your area - a good 1 to 1 1/2 inch of crushed gravel as a base is also a good idea - level it out per your approval - and that is all!

  • What site preparation is needed? For example, just bare soil, compacted soil, gravel bed, geotextile fabric, etc.?

    Well most of that is completely up to you! All that is truly needed is a nice level surface for the EasyPave system - if you are doing heavier traffic like cars etc etc - a good 1 to 2 inch gravel bed base is recommended. Just for a nice foundation. Anything else like a patio area or a base for a shed etc etc - compacted soil / sand / gravel all is excellent. Thank you for your question. 

  • Wanting a driveway from my shed for my m Harley are these motorcycle friendly? How much would I need for 65' x 3'?

    I would recommend one of the 200 sq ft packages - and one of the 20 sq ft packages for that set up. Thank you for your question!

  • Could I use this in a lean-to for cattle? The ground has a slope to it and it is really hard like concrete. I'm looking for something to help keep them dryer but need to be able to clean out with a skid steer. If it can be used, what would be the recommended fill?

    OH yes absolute - you can use this in cattle runs - areas not problem. Its used daily on horse paddocks as well. As far as fill - it really is up to you! 

  • Can this be driven/parked upon prior to filling it in with rock or grass? We want to create a driveway but need immediate use upon laying down and then can spend the time later to fill in.

    Yes, not a problem at all - it holes 80,000 lbs without any fill! 

  • do you need any type of transition or edging/curbing to help hold in place for heavy traffic ?

    Any type of transition or edging is not a "needed" additive at all with the EasyPave. That is purely going to be for looks if you wish to use that. Thank you! 

  • I have a driveway that loves to hold water. Being that I live in Alabama we get rain every other day almost. My driveway just can’t catch a break. I’m looking to fill in all of the holes, level it out, pack it all down very good, and possibly laying this over it to give it more stability and a better look. Do you think this product could do the trick and how much would I need? My driveway is 42 ft long and 19ft wide.

    Yes Easypave is designed just for your situation - for a 42x19 ft I would recommend utilizing four of the 200 sq ft packages... thank you very much for your question!

  • We currently have a drainage problem and cracked peeling pavement at a self storage property we own. All our properties are in the North East. Few questions: We have both trucks and cars going over regularly - can this handle all that and for how many years? Can you plow snow off the top of this or what issues would you have? Can you fill with gravel but also grow grass out of it - how would that work - and could you STILL plow it? Are there discounts when we buy a truckload of it? What kind of warranty?

    The easypave can be filled with gravel, soil, grass or any combination - the fill has no bearing at all as to what the grid can handle so you will be 100% fine with those loads. You can both snow plow and snow blow over the grid. As far as discounts, if you order over 8K of EasyPave that is when the quantity discounts go up again. The 1K sq ft packages is the best we offer below that - keeping in mind its 100% free shipping! Thank you for your questions

  • Can I lay this product over dirt and put rubber pavers over it for a small patio?

    Yes absolutely, no problem at all! Would work great.

  • Can this product be cut to fit a specific design?

    Yes, its a rigid and yet also flexible PPE plastic. It can be easily cut by hand saw to accomodate turns or any other customization that you need to your design. Thank you for your question.

  • Hi - I'm interested in using this for overflow parking at a neighborhood shopping center, where these make up parking spots that people would back in and out of (but not drive over to get from point A to point B). Is a sub base of gravel highly recommended for that? I'd like to avoid it if possible since it simplifies installation.

    Actually with the EasyPave, no sub base is required - it has its own circular padding system with allows for durability as well as its own base. If you wish to have a small base you can, but you will be 100% fine without it! Thank you for your question.

  • How can I figure out how much fill I need? I haven't decided on gravel or soil, but is there a way to figure out the fill based on a single grid for instance?

    That is something we really cant answer as all fill is different. What we suggest is after you lay out the grid, to get a small amount of the gravel that you would like, fill in a small section on your project - that will have you come to a better conclusion on how much that you need in total. Thanks for your question!

  • How much EasyPave Grid will I need for a 26' x 14' RV pad? Is there a calculator or formula to use if I want a different size?

    For those dimenstions - that would be two of the 200 sq ft packages. All you need to do is take the length multiplies by the width to get your total sq foot coverage... Thank you for you question!

  • Living in Québec, our winters brings it's share of snow and ice. How will it affect the stability , reliability and longevity of the EasyPave grid with the snow blowing, scraping and plowing?

    Snow blowers / plows / and shoveling will have no affect on the EasyPave grid. Its built to withstand that. Thank you very much!

  • I am thinking about using your EASYPAVE to reinforce an area of my yard to use as an RV driveway. I would use 200 sq ft and lay the pieces to form two wheel pathways each 3’ wide by 30’ long. Do you think this would work?

    Yes that would work out just fine, just make sure to make those areas wide enough for your wheel base of course. Thank you for your question!

  • regarding easypave 2 questions. will they attach end to side and how much less fill do i need compared to straight pea pebbles fill? I calculated I need 12 cubic feet. easy pave grid will be on compacted dirt so i'm only figuring on 2 inch depth of gravel. thanks

    Yes, they attach on all for sides together, no problem there. 2 inches of gravel will make it level with the top of the grid - any over fill you wish to do would be completely up to you!

  • What is the percent of permeability per sq ft? I live near the water and impervious driveways are prohibited and impervious lot coverage is an issue and I need to install an 6500 sq ft driveway with as little impervious coverage as possible. Thank you!

    Good question. So the grid itself is 100% permeable. However the permeability does not rely on the grid - it relies on the type of fill that you put within the grid. For example, obviously if you put solid concrete in the grid - it wouldnt be permeable. However sand / gravel is. So the answer to your question would rely on the fill! Aggregate / soil / gravel permeability charts can be found online. If you want minimum permeability - a pea gravel would be best for your driveway. Thank you very much!

  • Can I put this along side a curved driveway? Would it have to be straight and cut to fit the curve? Or is there any ability to curve a line of these easypave grids?

    Yes , you can absolutely put this on the side of a curved driveway - you would lay the grids out , connect them, then we recommend chalking or marking the desired cut if you want it to be perfectly curved. After that, you disconnece the units, cut, then re attach them making your perfect curve. Thank you

  • I live in wisconsin and would like to use this for a grass driveway that gets muddy in spring. If i fill it with top soil and sod over top How do you think this will hold up to everyday use in the spring with winter thaw and rain. Will it still get muddy and rutted up because there's grass on top?

    You can easily use sod. If you fill and pack with soil, it will would work just fine. Normal ruts that you would get without the EasyPave would not exist as well because the grid would stabilize the area underneath... so you would be good to go! Thanks

  • I have 5/8" gravel driveway, and parking area. Issue: Gravel gets in truck, and keeps things dirty. IF I use this product with clean material will it solve my issues with dirt getting into truck? Also does the material tend to stay within these? what would be the best material to use in my situation?

    Yes, will solve that issue absolutey - not a problem. The material will definately stay within the cells of the grid, its designed to do so. You can use anything to fill our EasyPave grid as it does not rely on the filler. HOwever if you are worried about dirt issues, a good pea gravel or 1/2 inch gravel might be best. Thank you for your question.

  • Could I use this as a base for brick pavers (in place of compacted stone base)?

    Yes you can absolutely use the easypave as a paver base if you wish!! thank you

  • If I'm using this for a driveway with pea gravel, what's the best way to prevent weeds from growing in the pea gravel?

    We carry online an agro textile if you wish to use that, it prevents weeds from growing through.... but still allowing water to pass through as well. Thank you

  • I live in an area that I get some snow and ice, what would be the best way to configure your products with a snow melt system? Also, what about walking on this? For example, my wife with High Heels?

    Depends on the snot melt sytem - but normally we suggest utilizing it under the easypave. For high heels - its completely fine - but the impact it has on the heels is the type of gravel that you use. You are going to want compactable gravel for that. Thank you !

  • I am looking to put a 10x10 plastic shed in my backyard. Would this product work as a base for under the shed?

    Yes 100% would work great as a shed base. Not a problem at all. Thank you for your question!

  • What is the best way to cut the grid system? What type of blade...etc etc. Thanks

    The easiest is going to be using a hand saw , sawzall, or even a table saw. There is not specific "blade" that will cut better or worse. Its cuts easily to conform to your project. Thank you very much.

  • do the anchors come with the packages? Do you have a 200 square foot package?

    Anchors are optional, as all installations do not require them. If you are going on an incline - the anchors are a great addition to your project for a secondary connection to the ground. We usually recommend 1 to 2 of the 10 packs per 100 sq ft... spread out throughout the installation. We do not have a 200 sq ft package - that would simply be two of the 100 sq ft packages. Thank you very much for your question!

  • to be ADA compliant, what kind of fill do I need to use? will recycled asphalt work?

    Just about any fill to the top of the grid will make our EasyPave ADA compliant - and yes - recycled asphalt will work! Thank you for your question!

  • I plan on installing a 30' x 11' Duramax storage shed would this work as a base support without gravel or any filler. The shed has it's own floor What is the shipping time and/or cost to Camarillo 93010

    Yes absolutely  - 3 to 5 days to your door after you place your order. Thank you for your question!

  • Can these be used as a brick patio base by filling with gravel? I’m looking for a base that will be stable in a wet area

    Yes absolutely. Used for that all the time by customers. Thank you for your question!

  • Can landscape fabric be used under it to keep weeds from growing?

    Yes, absolutely! This is called our Agro Textile - which we sell online as well! Thankyou for your question.

3D Model of our EasyPave Grid

Zoom in and out, click and drag to get a much better look at our EasyPave grid system. You can also utilize AR (Augmented Reality) on compatible phones to place our grid on the ground to see how it looks! 



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