• To be used for parking paths ,driveways, and erosion control
  • 9x17 ft sections - 160 sq ft each
  • Gravel for driving installations (3/4 or larger gravel)
  • Grass / soil for all erosion installations 
  • Geo Grid Anchors available for ease of installation
  • More product details below
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Our 4" thick ground grid is perfect for all sorts of projects. From parking spaces, landscaping, and anything that needs to withhold a heavy driving load. Made from polyethylene material which lasts the test of time, and will hold any type of aggregate or filling you desire to fill it with. Easy to install!



Article ............... NP-G8710

Material ............ Modified Polyethylene

Coverage ......... 160 SQ FT

Dimensions ...... 9FT x 17FT


- Durable Material

- 1885 LBS / SQ FT - Tensile Strength 

- Perforated Material

- Dense for easy installation.


  Specification Sheet  

  Testing Sheet  

  Installation PDF  

Geo Grid Installation


1. Fully stretch out the geo grid in installation area before anchoring, making sure the size is what you wish it to be. 


2. If there is any excess area please trim BUT make sure you keep the geo grid cells fully intact if you are filling them. To trim, use some good solid scissors, or hedge sheers. The geo grid is very easy to cut / trim. 


3. Start by anchoring down one of the full length sides. Anchor each cell down strong. You will be using this area to pull and stretch the rest of the grid. 


4. Anchor down next side (NOT the opposing side of the grid). Working your way around and fully stretching and anchoring down the entire border of the grid. 


5. Once the grid is fully stretched and anchored down (the entire perimeter). Make sure all is tight and firm. This is the KEY POINT in the installation process as you don't want loose sections holding your gravel or grid. 


6. The fill ... you can dump and pour directly on the grid. Spreading out as you go along. If you have a long driveway installation, you can dump the first load with bobcat - then immediately drive on it , to continue dumping your fill and spreading it out! Very easy to fill. 


7. Overfill - If you wish to overfill your geo grid this is always completely fine. However we recommend only 1 to 2 inches of overfill. And do keep in mind that whatever gravel is over the grid. Its considered loose gravel. And does not fall into the erosion protection of the geo grid cells. 


8. Pack and finish - usually just driving on the filled grid will pack it down enough over time. However feel free to hand tamp or roll over if you wish as well!

Its highly recommended to use our Geo Grid Anchors - they are designed specifically to work with our geo grid during installation - and also remain in the grid after installation!

Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • Would I be able to use this to form a base for a shed in place of concrete?

    Yes absolutely. You can fill the grid, and use as a base for shed, hot tub, RV pad etc etc as well as driveway and all other uses noted. Thank you

  • Do freezing and thaw cycles tend to work it up? Do you need any certain base under the grid? I thinking 4" for occasional use drive.

    Not at all. Our geo grid will not contract or expand during either freezing or very hot temps. 4" grid would be the ticket for driving use. Thank you for your question. 

  • I'd like to use this 4" Ground Grid for my driveway. Do I need to lay fabric down before the Ground Grid?

    If you wish to use our fabric, that is mainly for a weed control situation. If you wish to make sure that you do not have grass and/or weeds go through. That is what the fabric would be used for. Thank you

  • I have a very very steep hillside with about a 65 degree slope and weeding it is back breaking work due to the steep incline. I would like to cover with the hillside with ground cloth around the plants and add mulch on top of the ground cloth. Due to steep incline the mulch would just slide down the hill. Can I use this product on the hillside to hold the mulch and would it stand up to people walking on it the weed.

    Yes absolute. Stabilization on a hillside is a very common usage, and works great with our 4" geo grid as well. I would recommend using our Geo Anchors for that as well. Helps with both stabilization, as well as a large help with installation on inclines. Thank you very much for your question. 

  • instead of pea gravel, can i use sand for fill for garden shed base?

    Yes, if you would like to use this for a garden shet, sand for fill would be completely fine. 

  • Hi, I'm trying to build an steep driveway on top of dirt maby a little over 30 degrees. Will the 4" GEO / GROUND GRID filled up with gravel hold up for car and pickup driving? Will I have to put anything under it for it to work? Thanks

    Yes absolutely. You dont "have" to put anything underneath the geo grid for it to work... that is mostly for weed control. Thank you for your question. 

  • Can I use this to set up a 4” sand base for an above ground pool?

    Yes no problem. I would lay a nice bed of crushed gravel down first... then the grid, then your sand and compact it down well. Will work out great for your above ground pool. 

  • Can I lay this directly over bare soil on a medium slope where horses walk and fill with pea gravel or stone dust, or do I need to lay gravel underneath the grid first?

    We never recommend pea gravel at all. Pea gravel is made to absorb weight not withold it. Stone dust would be fine when compacted. Nothing is going to be needed as a base, just make sure to compact grid after its filled!

  • Shipping?? Do these ship flat or are they rolled up??

    These come collapsed down and folded over. 25 lbs and easy to carry to the job site. In total they are about 3 1/2 feet long and 8 inches wide when collapsed!

  • Use on a hill? Will this work to provide traction going up a 60 degree hill just in the dirt or do you need a gravel fill??

    For degrees over 45 - we recommend our 8" geo grid for errosion control. 

  • I am looking at using the 4" grid with my current 3/4 river rock, some of the rocks are more of a round shape than the crushed rock, will this work or should I go with the 3/4 crushed, it will only get pickup truck traffic on it as we hook up our camper.

    We recommend going with a 3/4 crushed. Round gravel if driven on pushes against eachother and causes settling issues, so if you do have the choice, go with the crushed. Thank you!

  • i currently have a gravel driveway, 20x50, with about 14% grade. a neighbor built a pond up the hill that has overflowed and washed out sections of my driveway during heavy rain. i'm deciding between gravel and paving with asphalt. my questions are 1) do i need to scrape the existing gravel down to the clay or can i compact it, 2) are there any special concerns for 14% grade. thanks!

    No need to scrape the gravel out of the way - this can go direclty on top of it. 14% grade is no problem at all, will accomplish erosion control up to 45% grade - so you are good to go. 


    Yes of course! VERY easy to cut, not a problem at all! We recommend a good pair of scissors or hedge sheers (like you use on bushes etc etc... ). Thank you for your question!

  • What keeps this product from sinking into the ground when parked on? I would like to use this for a parking space.

    The geo grid will never sink into the ground - as its a flexible poly - its not a rigid material - which is perfect in your case! Thank you for your question!

  • Can it hold a 50 ton fire truck or a full cement truck? If not, what is the max truck weight it can hold?

    Yes not a problem - however the weight does not rely on the grid - rather on the gravel - needs to be a 3/4 gravel or larger - not a problem. Thank you for your question. 

  • Is there a warranty to back your product?

    Yes we have a lifetime warranty on our geo grid!

  • We are planning to install this in a horse shed. Right now everything is very wet. I was going to scrap the loss dirt out and then fill with screenings but it will probably still be wet. Since it is so wet should I put down a gravel base first and then the grid and the fill it. I don't want all the screening to be absorbed into the wet dirt areas.

    We do recommend a gravel base in very wet areas - it helps both with longevity and stability over time. Thank you for your question!

  • Can you use plastic for weed barrier below the 4” grid

    Yes you can, we do have the agro textile which is designed for that to make it still permeable - which is what you want. Thank you for your question.

  • Thinking of using the 4" on a slope for driving and walking. It's through a backyard area that we want to look aesthetically pleasing. So we'd prefer it not look like crushed gravel, and we want it to be smooth and not grassed. What other options are there for filling the grid?

    For that type of installation, you are going to want to utilize our EasyPave grid, not the geo grid. The geo grid requires 3/4 gravel or larger for driving. Thank you!

  • I would like to lay a ribbon driveway 25 ft. long. Sand has been layed level already. Can I place this 4" Geo Grid on the sand, push it down a little and hen cover with top soil? It will be used for occasional parking of a car or F-350 truck. How do I protect the edges of the ribbon against snow plowing?

    You can not use the geo grid with soil for a driveway - would have to be large 3/4 gravel or larger. If you wish to use soil / grass for driveway - please check our our EasyPave grid which is designed for exactly that. Thank you!

  • Per 9’x17’ grid how many anchors should be used for a sloped hill and should they be staggered throughout the grid? If so what is recommended?

    We recommend 2 of the 10 packs per grid order - making sure one of them is the "starter pack" which has our anchor tool. Thank you very much. !

  • What is the maximum angle you would recommend for installation on a hillside, mine varies from 65 to 90 degrees?

    If this is just for errosion, i wouls suggest the 8 inch geo grid for a angle of that magnitude. Thank you!

  • Can I use my existing sand/gravel mix as fill for angled driveway? It is less than 45 degree.

    With the 4" geo ground grid, 3/4 crushed gravel or larger must be used to be driven on. If you wish you use your sand mix, we recommend utilizing our EasyPave grid for that! Thank you very much.

  • what about drive way installation in mass. will it hold up under a snow plow.

    YES! our geo grid definately holds up under both snow plows as well as snow blowers. 

  • Can you cut the grid and attach it ?

    Yes, no problem. Cutting is very simple. Can be done with sheers or utility knife. To attach them to eachother, the best ways is zip-ties through the erosion holes through the grid. Then fill the grid, and you will be good to go. Thanks for the question! 

  • What kind of Grass is best to use with this? Sod or seed? When driving over it how will the grass grow well if you use seed?

    Either would work just fine. Issue with seed however is obviously you need to wait for it to grow... But if you fill the geo grid with soil, or a soil sand mix and lay sod, it would honestly be the easiest way. Thank you very much for your question. 

  • Can I put this grid over a blacktop driveway that's starting to decompose?

    Yes absolutely. This is a very common installation on the geo grid. You just need to make sure to hold down the grid while filling it. Once filled it will maintain its structural integrity on the asphalt. Thank you very much for your question. 

  • Can I use this as a base for horse stalls filling it with crushed stone or pea gravel? if I lay mats over top?

    Yes you can! You dont even need to lay mats over the top. If you put a crushed gravel or a 57 minus stone, it will work perfectly. Thank you for your question. 

  • I am fixing an old gravel driveway with a 13-15 percent grade with heavy clay soil. Can I scrape down to solid ground with dozer then just lay geogrid with anchors and backfill with gravel from a truck. Can I compact gravel with a dozer or bobcat or will that crush the geogrid before it fills. I have a long driveway and doing it by hand would take forever. Thanks

    Yes you can easily lay this down on solid ground and backfill. Not an issue at all. You can also compact gravel with the dozer or bobcat. It will not ruin the geo grid once so ever... thank you very much for your questions!



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