8" Thick geo / ground grid

  • To be used for parking paths , retaining walls, or erosion control
  • 9x17 ft sections - 160 sq ft each
  • Gravel for driving installations (3/4 or larger gravel)
  • Grass / soil for all erosion installations
  • Geo Grid Anchors available for ease of installation
  • More product details below
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Our 8" thick ground grid is perfect for all sorts of projects. From parking spaces, landscaping,VERY steep retaining walls and anything that needs to withhold a heavy driving load or a very large fill. Made from polyethylene material which lasts the test of time, and will hold any type of aggregate or filling you desire to fill it with. Easy to install.



Article ............... NP-G8720

Material ............ Modified Polyethylene

Coverage ......... 160 SQ FT

Dimensions ...... 9FT x 17FT


- Durable Material

- 1885 LBS / SQ FT - Tensile Strength 

- Perforated Material 

- Dense for easy installation.

  Specification Sheet  

Geo Grid Installation

1. Fully stretch out the geo grid in installation area before anchoring, making sure the size is what you wish it to be. 

2. If there is any excess area please trim BUT make sure you keep the geo grid cells fully intact if you are filling them. To trim, use some good solid scissors, or hedge sheers. The geo grid is very easy to cut / trim. 

3. Start by anchoring down one of the full length sides. Anchor each cell down strong. You will be using this area to pull and stretch the rest of the grid. 

4. Anchor down next side (NOT the opposing side of the grid). Working your way around and fully stretching and anchoring down the entire border of the grid. 

5. Once the grid is fully stretched and anchored down (the entire perimeter). Make sure all is tight and firm. This is the KEY POINT in the installation process as you don't want loose sections holding your gravel or grid. 

6. The fill ... you can dump and pour directly on the grid. Spreading out as you go along. If you have a long driveway installation, you can dump the first load with bobcat - then immediately drive on it , to continue dumping your fill and spreading it out! Very easy to fill. 

7. Overfill - If you wish to overfill your geo grid this is always completely fine. However we recommend only 1 to 2 inches of overfill. And do keep in mind that whatever gravel is over the grid. Its considered loose gravel. And does not fall into the erosion protection of the geo grid cells. 

8. Pack and finish - usually just driving on the filled grid will pack it down enough over time. However feel free to hand tamp or roll over if you wish as well!

Questions & Answers

Ask a Question
  • You said they are good for 10-15 years? Do they erode over time? If we want to use them as a drive way with crushed granite will they with stand the weight of a 7000 lb truck? Can you cut one in half to make a 4 1/2 ft wide walkway?

    These do not errode no, they are a very strong poly flexible material. Crushed granite will be more than fine, and the weight of the truck will not be a problem. The weight falls under the type of gravel that you are going to use, not the geo grid itself. Very simple to cut as well, we recommend strong scissors, or hedge sheers (the type you use on bushes). Thank you for your questions. 

  • I’m having an issue with my driveway. The gravel is loose going up a hill and I’m looking for a solution that is cheaper than paving. The worst part is on a corner. Will this help prevent wheel spin from throwing gravel and making ruts and washboard on the corner?

    So... in short.. yes and yes.. HOwever its not like the geo grid provides "traction" it provides stability. So if you fill your 8" geo grid with 3/4 inch stone or larger, your wheels wont spin out because the gravel will go NOWHERE... meaning THEN you have tracktion. Your situation is perfect for the geo grid. You will have no loose gravel anymore, no erosion, and yes your spinouts will be over. Ruts will be gone... thank you very much for your question. 

  • My house is 10 to 15 feet lower than land behind me. They built the house into a hill. I want to remove the angled dirt and put in some kind of retaining wall that will stop rain from running to the house and give myself some yard space . If I can use this product how would I make a retaining wall with it

    Yes you can easily use the 8" geo grid for a retianing wall... you simply stretch, anchor down and fill... then step the next grid back 2-4 inches and repeat... creaing a layered retianing wall. We recommend 3/4 crush gravel or larger for this... 

  • Can it be used underwater for a boat ramp

    Yes absolute - just fill with 3/4 gravel or larger. Thank you

  • On the 8" grid your installation instructions say to anchor each cell? How many cells on the perimeter so I know how many anchors to order?

    WE recommend two of the 10 packs per grid on the order. Thank you !

  • We live on a barrier island. Can it be used on beach sand as a driveway or does it need a solid base? ie. Set on the sand and then fill in with sand.

    Yes it will work just fine as a sand driveway. Just make sure when you fill in the cells, that you fill them completely and pack down. Will work great. No additional base would be needed. Thank you very much. 

  • I have an erodible area on my farm that drains into a large gulch on federal land. I have to keep adding soil on my side of the line which promptly washes away during the next rain. I can't do anything on the public land so I need something vertical right on the property line. Can I use this on the almost vertical backside of my bank to prevent the soil from washing? If so, can I fill with soil and plant a groundcover to help hold the soil? It would be approx 150 sq foot to cover the backside of my bank.

    Yes, of course. That is what its designed for. So I would recommend at least our 4" geo grid for that, if not our 8" on a slope. Thank you for your question. 

  • If fully buried in soil, what is the expected lifespan of this product?

    10-15 years. And we also have what we call an "unlimited" warranty. Which if something goes wrong , we replace the grid. With normal wear and tear. Thank you for your question. 



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