Stainless Steel Wall Slot System

  • 4" Internal width Stainless Steel micro slot drain system
  • 5/8" Opening with multiple channel depth options
  • 4" Height of slot grate in addition to channel depth
  • Install up against wall or existing foundation with offset slot grate
  • Stainless steel is Chemical and Corrosion resistant
  • Excellent for paver, tile, and concrete pour installations
  • Used in driveways, pools, patios, and heavy traffic areas
  • ADA / Heel Proof cap available as addition for debris protection
  • #1 Rated Slot Drain system on the market
  • Perfect for high water volume with little surface area coverage
  • More product details below
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NEW Stainless Steel wall slot drain system. Go directly against a wall, collecting any and all water coming down from a hill or even an infinity pool. What is great about this system.... they interlock and attach to the channel, allowing no movement. Best thing... 100% sanitary with our new Stainless Steel Grating. 

Connecting to each other with a tongue and groove connection. The slot grate has an opening of 5/8 inch and widens towards the channel. This is a patent feature that allows debris to pass throw the slot and not be stuck. Perfect for pools, porches, and any situation where grating is not necessary. Below are specifications. 


The 2" depth and 3" depth have bottom outlets for pipe connection.

The 4" depth through 8" depth have bottom, side, and end cap outlets.

All with 3" and 4" pipe outlet connections.



Channel Length - 3.3 Feet (39 inches) - Connect end to end. 

Material ............. PPE Plastic / Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Wall 

Load Class ....... Heavy Duty Load 


- Channel Depth of choice

1 - Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Wall Slot Grating

2 - End Caps (Per Order) - Additional end caps at checkout.

  Grating Specification Sheet (Stainless)  

  2 Inch Channel Depth Specification  

  3 Inch Channel Depth Specification  

  4 Inch Channel Depth Specification  

  6 Inch Channel Depth Specification  

WALL Slot Drain Installation - Without Brackets

1. Prep your area - Cut a trench about 3-5 inches wider on both sides and 2 inches deeper than your channel. This allows for ease of placement of the channel. If you are using our wall slot system, the channel just needs to be 3-5 inches wider on that single side.

2. Pour your first concrete pad - or sand base into your already dug out trench. Make sure to either level off the area, or provide the slope that you wish to have.

3. After setting / leveling. Place your system with the slot drain grate into the trench. Connect the channels with a water base silicone for a water tight seal. If you are doing a slight curve, then please use the same connection method. 

4. We recommend keeping the grates into place during your pour or paver installation. The weight of the grate holds the channels into place. 

5. Pour your concrete - sand - soil on all sides of the slot drain system. If you are using pavers, make sure to measure your sand / soil base correctly so the pavers align tight and level to the slot drain grate. 


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3D Model of our Wall Slot System

Zoom in and out, and click and drag to get a full 360 view of the system. Use AR (Augmented Reality) on your compatible phone to place channel on the ground to see live view! (Shown with our 4 inch depth channel)



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