Spark 1 - 3 Inch Premium Channels

  • 3" Internal trench drain system with galvanized grating
  • 2" Pipe outlet option out of the included end caps
  • 3" or 4" pipe outlet options out of the included bottom adapter
  • Pedestrian load rated
  • Package and item details below
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Spark 1 Premium Channels come with galvanized stamped steel grating. The grating is fastened in with custom screws in the grate for a secure hold to the channel. The channels are designed with a snap and lock connection end to end. Come with 2 end caps per package. Channels also have a 90 degree turn knockout on EACH end of the channel. No need to purchase adapters. 


Article ........... NP-PC8808111

Material ........ PPE Plastic

Dimensions .. 39.4"L x 3.9"W x 3.6"H   

Weight .......... 1.7 LBS

Load Class ... A 15 - 3,300 LBS


Spark System Installation


Concrete - 

1. Prep the site and trench size

2. Line up your outlet piping.

3. Pour your 2-3 inch concrete base at the bottom of the trench. And let it set 75% cure.

4. Set outlet pipe to channel connection. Connect all channels , angles, end caps to your system. And weight down your system. (you can place sand bags, large bricks, and so on). This is to make sure the channel does not moved during concrete pour and/or settling when concrete expands.

5. Pour concrete and let set for 24 hours.


Ground -

1. Prep the site and trench.

2. Place leveling sand (if preferred) in bottom of the trench.

3. Connect outlet piping to your system.

4. Lay Spark system in trench, connecting units as you go along. Including end caps and 90 Degree turns.




1. We recommend silicone or a sealant in-between channels for water tight connection. - We have our own! 

2. Silicone or sealant also recommending in pipe outlet connection.

3. Grates can easily be removed for cleaning.

4. Call us with any other questions.





Questions & Answers

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  • Q1: How does the channel connect to a drain to carry the water away? Is there a pipe adaptor? Q2: I have less than 39" of space available. Can the channel be cut to length, and will the end caps fit into the cut end? Thank you

    1. The 3 inch channel has a pipe outlet on one of the end caps. 
    2. The channel can be cut, and the end cap will then have to be sealed on the end after the cut. 



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