4" Fiber Reinforced Pre Slope Concrete Channel 1% Slope

  • 1% Pre Slope Fiber Reinforced Concrete System
  • E Class load rated for extreme heavy duty loads
  • Pricing decreases with longer channel length
  • Comes with channel, end caps, grating, and installation brackets
  • 3" Outlet automatically shipped with system 
  • 4" Bottom outlet option available. 
  • More product details below
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**NOTE** - Pricing of systems decreases with linear length.

Our 4" Internal Fiber reinforced channel comes with a bolted down (removable) E Class Ductile Cast Iron Grating, as well as concrete rebar installation brackets for your job. The price of this channel each , will decrease with the linear feet needed in your order. Its fitted with a 1% internal built in slope. The fiber reinforced concrete will withstand ultra hot temps, as well as cold and is fitted with a galvanized stamped steel edge for cast iron bolt down mechanism and weight reinforcement. The E class grating system will withstand load capacities up to and including 132,000 LBS. All orders of this channel will be delivered with our free shipping on a pallet to you or your job site. Unless notified, we are fully stocked in all systems. And shipments will depart the next day of your order. All concrete systems include end caps for your job, as well as our concrete rebar installation brackets to level off your system.


** Basic shipment will include 2 end caps with one outlet on the low end to connect to 4" pipe. If you would like to have a bottom outlet connection, please note this in the "notes" section in your checkout**

** Please look at channel depth lineup chart below if you wish to specify the exact depth you wish to have on your project as well**




Article ...................... 04007155

Material ................... Fiber Reinforced Concrete / Ductile Cast Iron 

Dimensions ............. 39.4" L x 6" W x Height varies on slope

Weight .................... 90 - 140 LBS

Load Class .............. E Class - 132,000 LBS


1 - Number of Channels needed for length

- Number of rebar installation brackets needed for length (1 per system ordered)

3 - 2 End Caps - low end cap with 4" outlet , unless specified in checkout.

** if any requests are to be made, please contact us directly, or specify in notes during checkout, we are here to completely accommodate you**




Pre Slope Installation with Mounting Brackets (INCLUDED)


With our installation mounting brackets, you get to level off your entire system before the pour and design accordingly. Lets get started....


1. Make sure you dig and prep your site exactly to your specifications. Make sure all outlet pipe locations are aligned. And that you have enough width in your trench to comfortably place your installation mounting brackets inside - you are going to want a little bit of room.


2. Loosen the mounting bracket and leveling bolts. Place the "Tooth" clip of your mounting bracket into the channel connections, or on the channel itself.


3. Make sure your channel connections are water tight (we recommend a silicone in between the channel joints and MS polymer if you are utilizing our concrete systems) and that your end caps are tight and sealed off as well.


4. Place your entire system into the trench. Make sure the rebar holding bolts are loose and will allow rebar to enter.


5. Insert rebar through the mounting bracket and into your ground - lift up on the channels and tighten the leveling brackets - level our your entire system.


6. Double check your channel connections - and secure your pipe outlet connections - make sure system is level - we recommend leaving gratings in during pour.


7. Double check all rebar leveling bolts - they are tight and snug.


8. Pour your concrete and wait to settle... then you are finished!

Questions & Answers

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  • Can we do 18'?

    So these are 3.3 feet sections. So for 18 feet, you would have to cut one directly in half. And would work out perfectly. 

  • Can you use silicone for the joints on the precast concrete trench drains on installation?

    Yes of course! that is exactly what it is designed for!

  • How far down from the top of the grate is the top of the outlet pipe?

    On the pre slope system - that really depends on the depth. For example, if you choose the 60 ft run length, that would be deeper than the 15 ft run length... Thank you for your question!



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