16x16 Catch Basin Ductile Cast Iron PKG

  • 16" Square Catch Basin with Ductile Cast Iron Grating
  • Available with right angle pipe connections or straight through
  • Connects to 4,6,8, and 12 inch PVC or Corrugated piping. 
  • ADA Compliant Grating - Heavy Duty Vehicle Load Rated
  • Sediment basket included
  • More product details below
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Our 16x16 is one of our best sellers due to the multiple options that you have with this basin. Comes with a galvanized stamped steel debris basket, and 4",6",8" and 12" PVC ready adapters on all four sides. The basin comes full enclosed and you simply decide which type and size of outlet that you need. Also, if you use one of our 4,8, or 12 inch channels, they will run right into this basin without issues. 




Article ................................ SWI8472

Material ............................. PPE Plastic / Ductile Cast Iron

Dimensions ....................... 16" L x 16" W x 16" H

Load Class ....................... C - 55,000 LBS


1 - 16x16 Catch Basin

- Ductile Cast Iron Grate

1 - Debris Basket - Galvanized Stamped Steel

  Basin Specification Sheet  

  Grating Specification Sheet  

Catch Basin Installation

1.  Make sure you leave 3-4 inches on all sides for your system installations during your dig. This includes your bottom base area. 

2. Take in account your outlet or piping connection within your prep. 

3. Test your basin to pipe connection before placing or setting your basin. 

4. Pour a good 3-4 inch base and let set 75% cure. 

5. Set basin and pour around all sides and let set - make sure to leave your grating within your basin to avoid movement when concrete settles. 

NOTE - this can all be done with dirt / grass / gravel if needed. Concrete is require if heavy loads are to be applied to basin!

Installation Doc

Questions & Answers

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  • Is the 16x16 Catch Basin Ductile Cast Iron PKG acceptable for vehicular use?

    Yes absolutely. Its C Class rated at 88,000 LBS load class. Vehicles will be an after thought. Thank you very much for your question!



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