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Standard Trench Drain Installation – Trench Drain Detail





This installation scheme is for the standard set in place install of linear trench drain systems. Below is an example of a 4" system being installed.

1. First cut your trench approx 2-3 wider than your entire system, or what will make you comfortable. This allows for easy concrete pour after setting your channel. Do not forget to cut and dig deep enough for your boot pour. 

2. We recommend pouring a level or flat 2-4 inches of concrete as a "boot" to set the trench in. Let this boot cure over 48 hours before proceeding with trench drain placement. 

3. Connect your trench drain pieces in the trench with tongue and groove snap connections. This is the most intricate part of the installation as the way you line this up will be the way it will set and stay.

4. Pour your concrete to fill in the sides. Standartparks systems, all of them, have in depth ribs that will allow for concrete to pass through UNDER the system to hold it in place. This is a patent design that no others have, which allows the trench drain and the concrete to become one in the same. Trust us, over time, you will notice the difference when your channels do NOT move. 

5. If you wish to have a silicone barrier in-between the system and your concrete, do this after the concrete has hardened for 48 hours. We recommend a water proof silicone base. If you don't know what this is, think about the spongy material in-between sidewalks. This allows for "give and take" through weather changes over time with the concrete.

NOTICE - Concrete is just the recommended installation substance. and is not always needed. Judge your project right. Bricks, sand, clay, etc etc can be acceptable. But this decision is always yours. And as always... if you ever have any questions, you can ask us at anytime. Thank you again for choosing Standartpark.