Pre Slope systems 

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We now carry our pre sloped polymer concrete and fiber reinforced concrete systems in stock! We currently have our 4", 10", and 12" internal sloped systems in stock!  We will completely customize the length, outlet location, and capacity. We have the best pricing in the industry for pre slope heavy duty systems. Do not hesitate to call us to find  out more and get pricing for your project. See below for details on all available systems. 

4" Internal Fiber reinforced concrete channel - 1% Slope
E Class rated - 132,000 lbs 

Each units are 3.3 feet in length, comes in a 1% pre sloped design, height depends on start and end of your sloped run, and has the ability to come with 4" outlet out of the bottom or the end cap. Rated at E Class (132,000 LB rated). We will designed the length and outlets directly for your project. Also by utilizing our 4" concrete installation brackets, it will make installation simple by holding the channel into place while doing your concrete pour. Please call us for planning and pricing. Always in stock, and ready to go for you! 

10" Polymer Concrete 1% Slope System 
D Class Rated - 88,000 LBS

3.3 feet in length , 10" internal width and comes to a "V" shape convex bottom for fast water movement with this 1% slope system. Ability to have a 6" bottom outlet or 6" outlet on the end caps as well. Used with our custom rebar installation brackets that literally hold the channel into place. Installation is a breeze. Please call us for pricing and planning questions on these units for your project. In stock. 

How to order...

1. Figure out total linear footage that is needed and channel width you would prefer.
2. Give us a call so we can custom select our units to make this a stream lined process for you.
3. Pricing and total items needed will be given immediately at the time of the call along with a formal quote if you wish.
4. Shipments will go out NEXT DAY on a pallet delivery to you. That is all!

12" Fiber Reinforced Concrete 1% Slope
E Class - 132,000 LBS Rated

Our 12" Fiber Reinforced Concrete systems come in 3.3 feet in length, 12" internal sections with a 1% slope and an E Class load rating at 132,000 lbs. An end cap or bottom outlet is available as well. Can be fitted with our 12" Concrete Mounting brackets for easy leveling and placement during your pour. Please call or contact us within our chat for pricing and planning for your project. 


Ron Departe

Project Manager

WE have used Standartpark for numerous projects thus far. Their pre sloped concrete systems have been the primary product that we have been more accustomed to. The benefits from using their systems over the competition purely comes from both the availability as well as customer service. To install these systems ... its pretty customizable honestly. With the anchors that come with the channels, they prevent the channels from moving left/right, up and down. All in conjunction with leveling the system while they hold the entire run into place. I prefer Standartparks set up because you can utilize as many brackets as you wish. Most channels have these pre rebar holes in them, sometimes they break, they dont have easy leveling screws like these do... kind of a pain. If you are a general contractor or even an home owner. I highly recommend using these guys... you wont be disappointed from start to finish. 

Lewis Todd

Mech Engineer

We started utilizing Standartparks systems in about 80% of our projects. Or truly wherever we could. We found that our customers have really started leaning towards them as well. We found not only can we utilize about 50% of what they have in stock, but they are also able to completely customize your entire project in a 45 day turnaround... That was very impressive. Since 2015 , Standartpark has been the only place we have gone for our trench drain needs, we will not be looking back. 

Ryan Kennedy

Business Owner

We had a very large problem trying to find a trench drain system that would work well in our Brewery. So we found Standartpark online and gave them a call. They were able to completely customize 200 LF of trench drains for us, we used the 10" Polymer channels and we could not be happier. We couldn't use the standard runs that they normally had in stock. So after planning and planning with them. They completely customized our project for us at no additional charge. 45 days later... they showed up at our shop, and even helped us with many many MANY installation questions. I could not recommend Standartpark or their systems more. 

Frequently Asked Question

Where can I find specification sheets or channel line ups for these products?
How much are these channels?
How long does delivery take?

what makes our channels better...

What it comes down to is... we are talking about trench drains here. They need to do what they are designed to do... and that is all. So what makes our channels better? Probably not too much to be completely honest. What it REALLY comes down to is installation, design, and customer service. Our installation brackets with these units make things 100% easier. You can adjust left, right, up and down on the system when you are putting it in. When literally ALL other channels are just an up and down adjustment. Making things not only easier.. but much less tedious. When it comes to design, besides what you see here in stock, we can customize , yes CUSTOMIZE literally any type of job you need. WE might need a few weeks to complete, but you get what you want. And our customer service? We do not want to brag, but if you want  to, give us a call and we will show you why we are the best in the industry.

We really want to make your job as easy as possible. That is our goal, that is our mission, and that is what we do. We really hope to hear from you soon! 



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