Geo Ground Grid

Drive, Stabilize and Park .... Anything. Our geo ground grid will rid you of erosion issues, on walking paths, driveways, parking lots and much more. With cutting costs in mind. Providing superior support for lateral movement away from the applied load. The stabilizer grid acts as a large mat, by spreading the load over an extended area while increasing the load bearing capacity of the surface.

INTRODUCING! - EasyPAVER Grid Matting System 

- 88,000 lbs load rated - filled or unfilled
- Slide and Lock Technology for no disconnect - Comes with installation anchors! 
- Multi Flex Joints - Will even work on slight slopes!
- WAVE patent design - for extra strength and much better look!
- For Patios, parking lots, driveways, bases and much MUCH more! 

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Walkway or patio

Our 2" Geo grid is ideal for your walkway or patio installation. Prevents erosion, keeping all gravel and material in place. Our 2 inch geo grid is great for your lightweight type of projects! Also perfect for paver foundation stabilization.  


Driveways and Heavy Vehicles

Standartparks  4 and 8 inch Geo grid is perfect for driveways, sloped installations and heavy duty vehicle traffic. Use with grass, gravel, crushed concrete as well as even soil and sand. Great for use in horse paddocks to prevent slopping and also great with paver foundation. Our most popular grid for the mass amount of usability.   


Extreme Conditions

If your installation calls for extreme heavy duty slopes, very large emergency vehicles, and slopes that exceed 30 degrees. Our 8 inch geo grid is the way to go. With over 110,000 lbs of weight capacity, there really is no stopping what your options are. Even perfect for retaining walls, and heavy gravel installations. 

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Industrial Solution

Using our Geo Grid in industrial solutions solves many issues when it comes to cost and efficiency. By utilizing Standartparks Geo Grid, you can cut installation time down by over 2 weeks. And maintenance is minimal. 


Our most popular use for Geo Grid is driveway installations. Allowing for a permeable solution and long term effectiveness. By utilizing the grids strength and ease of installations, you can have a gravel or grass driveway with ease. 

Horse Paddock Footing

Utilizing our Geo Grid for horse paddocks will solve issues of moving mud and footing problems. After grid is filled with gravel or even sand and dirt. The compact aggregate will allow footing to be much more stable in your paddocks. Ridding issues with slop and trenches in your area. 

Turf / Grass Installation

You can even utilize our Geo Grid for grass driveways or parking areas. You can simply install the normal way and just plant grass. Another advantage of using our material in many different applications. 



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